Keep it Short

20 July 2004

It has been borne in on me that a news, comment, and opinion letter taking up both sides of an A4 page is more than modern man (or woman) can cope with. I have known this for decades, but the advice of a friend, who has had several double-sided newsletters from me, has made me determined to act on the advice.

My difficulty is due to seeing the objections to my opinion, and wanting to answer the objection before it comes. And then to answer the objection to the answer. For instance:

Opinion: Abolishing Zambia’s debt is worthwhile, but it is unlikely to improve the lot of the poor in Zambia, as aid already covers the debt servicing.

Objection: But Uganda has been much improved since some debt relief was given.

Answer: Uganda is improved because its government has improved. Good government brings more aid and more debt relief, and this improves life even more.

And so on ad infinitum…

I will find keeping it short difficult, but I am determined to do my best. You should receive a note every week for next few weeks.