Hilary Benn

31 July 2004

Maggie Currey, Editor of Spotlight, has been to see Hilary Benn. Liked him a lot. Her interview was in the recent Spotlight. Hilary Benn’s views on Zambia are pretty close to mine.

The Newsletter view is that Zambia needs:

  • Good government
  • Effective family planning
  • Effective AIDS control
  • and lots and lots of well-managed cash.

Hilary Benn seems to believe the same. In the interview it comes out as:

  • A key area of DFID’s support of Zambia is good governance
  • decline in outcome has been halted or reversed….(in) contraceptive use
  • Zambia is starting to make progress…..in combating HIV/AIDS
  • Above all, Zambia needs…investment from outside