The Two Billion

14 November 2014 | Catholic Herald

(My heading)

SIR – Bishop William Kenney’s concern for the refugees crossing the Mediterranean is shared by us all, and we all hope they will be rescued. Nevertheless, we should try to understand the difficulties faced by the politicians.

More than one billion people have been added to the population of Africa and the Greater Middle East since 1950, consequently there is much poverty and conflict in this region. Another one billion is expected to be added in the next 25-30 years ensuring that many more people will want to leave an overpopulated and poverty stricken region where conflicts keep on breaking out.

How many of this second 1000 million should the politicians allow into Europe? A hundred million? Ten million? One million? How many can come over here without serious conflict breaking out in European cities? Politicians have to decide these matters. It isn’t easy and we should hesitate before blaming them.

Gerald Danaher