Population explosion is inviting disaster

17 July 2019 | Leicester Mercury (Headline by Leicester Mercury.)

Two thousand people were drowned or lost in the Mediterranean last year (2018) and seven hundred this year already. We all know why this happens: huge numbers of poor Africans seek prosperity and some are lost on the way. Why are Africans so poor and Europeans relatively prosperous? The main reason is illustrated by figures recently published by the United Nations: Africa will almost double its population in the next 30 years whilst Europe’s population will remain stable.

(The UN figures estimate the population of Africa as 1,340m in 2020 and 2,489m in 2050 whilst the population of Europe including Russia is 747m in 2020 and 710m in 2050. The figures for Russia are 145m falling to 135m.)

Those Africans who wish to bring prosperity to the continent ought to persuade their fellow countrymen to follow Europe’s example and have fewer children and we – both government and individuals – should encourage them in that endeavour so that no more Africans drown in the Mediterranean.

Gerald Danaher