Population of Uganda and New Zealand 1950-2050

In millions. United Nations Population Division.

The land area of Uganda is somewhat smaller than that of New Zealand.

Uganda – 199,710 sq km
New Zealand – 268,021 sq km

Uganda has an agrarian economy. New Zealand is developing an industrial economy.

By regional and previous standards Uganda has a reasonably good government and economy, but great poverty is widespread and there are areas of serious conflict.

“There is one major cause of poverty and lack of development which until recently has not been given its full importance. Even now, in some Catholic and Marxist circles, the subject is deliberately avoided or treated superficially with ideological bias rather than attention to the facts. I refer to the population explosion.”
Fr Edmund Flood OSB, Ealing Abbey, London W5 in his pamphlet: World Poverty: the future. Imprimatur (Westminster) 6 October 1969.

This reluctance to consider the population explosion as a cause of poverty and conflict has now spread to almost everyone: the politically correct, the American right, NGOs, politicians, and commentators. Uganda and many other countries in Africa are heading for an immense tragedy.