Population of Malawi and Portugal 1950-2050

In millions. United Nations Population Division.

Malawi and Portugal have virtually the same land area.

Malawi – 94,080 sq km
Portugal – 91,951 sq km

In the century 1950-2050 Portugal’s population is likely to be stable. Malawi’s is likely to increase ten times.

It may now be too late to prevent a human catastrophe in Malawi, but to help prevent this, and to bring prosperity and health to this poor country, it is essential to advocate and provide effective family planning. Elspeth King in Chapter 3 of “The Great Rift”, a book written with her husband, a surgeon in Malawi, where they had both worked for 25 years, writes:

“if European Catholics do want to help African families they could do no better than try to change their Church’s official policy on contraception.”