Total Fertility Rates (TFR) and poverty

TFR over 5.0

Afghanistan 5.22
Angola 5.31
Burkina Faso 5.79
Burundi 6.04
Ethiopia 5.67
Malawi 5.54
Mali 5.95
Mozambique 5.15
Nigeria 5.13
Niger 6.62
Uganda 5.8
Zambia 5.67
Somalia 5.89
South Sudan 5.19


Some interesting near misses

Timor-leste 4.9
DR Congon 4.53
Rwanda 4.46
Gaza Strip 4.3
Iraq 4.06

TFR under 1.5

Andorra 1.39
(Bulgaria) 1.46
(Croatia) 1.39
(Czechia) 1.45
Cyprus 1.47
Germany 1.44
Greece 1.42
(Hungary) 1.44
Macau 0.94
Montserrat 1.31
(Romania) 1.34
(Serbia) 1.43
(Slovakia) 1.4
(Poland) 1.34
Japan 1.41
Italy 1.43
(Slovenia) 1.35
Spain 1.49
Hong Kong 1.19
South Korea 1.25
Taiwan 1.12
Singapore 0.82

The last four are the four Asian Tigers who taught the developing world how to obtain prosperity and peace by using the market economy and controlling population growth. Africa and the wider Middle East was the only large region to ignore this example.

Countries in brackets are ex-communist countries and so relatively poor.

Living conditions are far far better in the low fertility rate countries than in the high fertility rate countries even in those low fertility rate countries that were held back by having a communist economy during much of the twentieth century.

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